Zynga Poker Update

To our Zynga Poker community,
I want to give you another update on the new Zynga Poker and how we are taking your feedback to heart to provide you with the best social poker experience.
In early September, we launched the new Zynga Poker and set out to reimagine the game with an entirely new experience for mobile. We created the new game based on the feedback you’ve given us over the years and introduced a new sophisticated design and feature set that inspires more competition, authenticity and social connections between friends.
Since the launch, we have been hard at work listening closely to you and getting important feedback on your experience. We value all of our player communities and want you to know that we take the introduction of new products and features very seriously.  We have heard from many of you that you like the look and feel of the new Zynga Poker, while others miss the classic design and play style of the original game.
To meet the demand we are seeing for both games, we will soon offer two distinct products – Zynga Poker Classic and the new Zynga Poker. We want to fuel your passion for poker, no matter if you want to play the traditional Zynga Poker Classic or experience the innovative new Zynga Poker. By giving you two poker games, you now have the option to choose how you play.



The original game, which will return soon as Zynga Poker Classic, offers familiar gameplay that stays true to our traditional mobile poker experience that so many of you have enjoyed over the last six years. The new Zynga Poker will continue to offer the core game, along with new features that inspire competition and mastery such as Leagues. Both Zynga Poker Classic and the new Zynga Poker will allow you to easily switch between games and transfer status from one experience to the other. Your profile, history and chips will also transfer seamlessly, so whichever poker game you choose, you will be able to get into the action fast and connect with friends inside the experience that suits your style.
We expect Zynga Poker Classic to be available on iOS in the coming weeks and across Android later this year. Our teams remain committed to delivering the high quality experiences you expect across all platforms, and we look forward to sharing more details on the return of Zynga Poker Classic and the ongoing evolution of the new Zynga Poker.
We want to thank you, all our loyal poker players, for your support and continued feedback.
Jon B. Liu
Vice President of Games, Zynga Poker