The All New Zynga Poker Mobile App

The all new Zynga Poker is the biggest update to the game we've ever done. We set out to create the most modern and immersive poker experience for tablet and phone. We've added and improved more features and functionality to make the world's largest poker game even better! When you play this new version, you'll notice the game has more life than ever before. It gives you more control, more fun, and the type of poker experience you want when you want it. Let's take a look at what makes the new Zynga Poker so great.


A whole new look.


Modern, sophisticated, and full of life. Rich animations, new effects, and updated sounds make the app and game more fun to play and touch. Tap around and explore. When you're playing, watch key game moments come to life like never before.


Redesigned Interface.

Simple and fresh. We refined everything and added all new capabilities so that everything in the app is considered, making it easier for you to move in and around the experience. 


Want new action? Now you can change tables and stakes without going back to the lobby. Our "back" menu button gives you the ability to jump to a new table of the same stakes and speed or select new settings.


Improved Lobby.


One tap to get to the action. Get in the game and go...Tapping on each game icon now takes you right to the tables. We also display the buy-in and information below each icon, and built in the ability to tap and edit your settings right from the lobby.


Brand New Table Experience.


With a fully redesigned table and playing environment, this is our most immersive table experience yet. It has the feel of a high end poker room similar to the best casinos around the world. Sitting front and center to the action with our perspective table view is the next best thing to sitting at a real poker table. Unique colors and icons for betting actions help you follow the action faster. Player pics have a whole new look and level of interactivity. Tip: Want to see someone's name and level? Swipe left or right over their photo. But there's more…


Powerful Animation, FX, & Sounds.


Rich animations and special effects pay off those big wins and big hands. All-in players have a special effect around their photo to show you who's going for it! New sound effects add a whole new level of authenticity.


Smarter Betting Controls.


Specially designed for tablets and phones, you now see the controls you need when they matter. Simple but powerful.




Better with chips. When it's time to raise or go all-in,  why not do it with chips? The new raise slider dynamically adjusts to the table action and provides easy points to make quick and common bet amounts.


All New Cards.


Bigger and better hole cards! They almost feel like they're in your hand. Our artists have created a Zynga Poker-only card design. Stay tuned for more card excitement. We love cards.


Jump Poker Mode.


New and improved Jump Poker is coming soon. Jump offers non-stop fast paced poker action as you jump from table to table after each hand.


The Zynga Poker League.


Last but not least we're bringing Zynga Poker League to the phone and tablet. It takes the competition to a whole new level including the chance to win some major real world prizes and serious bragging rights.

What's missing?

You may have noticed that we've removed some of our mini-games and other features. That's because we have some big features and all new offerings coming your way soon. We think you'll love the new and improved ways that you will be able to play Zynga Poker we have in store for you over the coming months.

The New Zynga Poker.

Thank you for playing with us. Zynga Poker players are the world's greatest poker playing community, and it's our pleasure and privilege to serve you. The new Zynga Poker is just the beginning. We have many new and exciting things in store for you this year. We can't wait to see you at the tables.

As always, your feedback is appreciated and invaluable to us. Please let us know what you think in the app store, in our forums, or on Twitter or Facebook!

Now let's get in there and win some chips!